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Started this journey in search of those traditional hair bobbles with balls that we all grew up with as children. Looking for ones for school in the UK and the options were sparse – either still being made with the metal crimps that easily snag our afro curly hair or were not the in the simple colours or styles I was after. So as we mothers do – we take matters into our own hands and I embarked upon making these myself. They are actually a lot trickier than I imagined and after trying and testing countless ways to construct these, I have landed a snag-free durable make for our bobbles! 


My daughter also loves hair bows and so I felt it was the perfect accessory to compliment the bobbles –  which little girl wouldn’t like a cute bow in her hair as well. 


So then came... bow bobble.


We are a brand that aims to offer hair accessories that not only add that special touch to little ones’ outfits but also has the care of your hair in mind.  These traditional hair bobbles with balls are a convenient and safer way for styling afro curly hair but they are suitable for all hair types!


Come with us on this journey as we have been burning with lots of creative styles to offer in our store. Please stay tuned and make sure to follow us across our platforms to catch the many releases we have planned already for the upcoming weeks.


Thanks for stopping by!


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